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´╗┐Welded Wire Rope Ends Can Be a Problem-Solver

Welded Wire Rope Ends Can Be a Problem-Solver

Most wire rope is shipped with the ends seized. These seized ropes can usually be installed without further preparation. However, some applications, such as complicated reeving systems, may need special end preparation. In such cases, the wire strands must be tightly held together without increasing the rope diameter.

To facilitate threading your wire rope through your reeving, Cableworks suggests welding and annealing the rope ends. All that is necessary is to leave a dead end tail length of 20 rope diameters for rotation-resistant ropes and 6 rope diameters for 6- and 8-strand conventional ropes. The accompanying photo shows an example of a tapered weld end.

Please note: Not all wire rope manufacturers approve of rope end welding. Check with Cableworks for more information.

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