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Product Spotlight: Crosby®'s Clamp-Co® Adjustable "Padded" Pipe Grab

The Crosby GroupThe new Crosby Clamp-Co adjustable pipe grab is designed to handle a wide range of cylindrical objects, especially those whose material surface must not be damaged. Featuring grabs with replaceable pads, this tool provides an excellent means of handling any pipe or solid bar, 3.5" to 36" dia. (88.9 mm to 914 mm). Load materials that can be handled include cast iron/steel, PVC, painted and epoxy coated. Three models are available, with capacities from 1,200 lbs. to 8,000 lbs. (544 kg to 3629 kg). Each model accommodates several diameters of pipe or bar. Features include:

  • Auto indexing system for quick, one-person, hands-free connect and disconnect to load
  • Easy lock and unlock transport lever
  • Individual proof testing to 2 times the working load limit, with certification
  • Crosby shackle as upper connection point
  • RFID equipped

When the surface of pipes or solid bars simply cannot be damaged during lifting, contact Cableworks to determine the ideal Crosby pipe grabber for your application.

Clamp-Co® Pipe Hooks Available with Non-marring Inserts

Using Crosby's Clamp-Co pipe hooks is a fast and efficient way to lift pipe, tube or any similarly shaped fabrications. An important feature of these hooks is the availability of interchangeable cast aluminum inserts that minimize thread and pipe damage.

Clamp-Co pipe hooks are constructed of alloy steel plate, and they are equipped with a convenient handle and a Crosby bolt-type shackle. They are used in pairs with 40°-60° horizontal angle or 60°-90° included angle. The working load limit per pair ranges from 2 tons to 10 tons. For more information on these Clamp-Co hooks, call 800-869-0194 to speak with one of our lifting specialists.

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