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    Cable Hardware
  • Full-line distributor for The Crosby Group; also stocking items from Columbus McKinnon (CM), ACCO (Peerless Chain), Wallace Forge and Newco
  • Shackles, hooks, turnbuckles, chain, chain fittings, eye bolts and master rings are all in stock
  • Crosby hoist rings with RFID tags for critical lifts
  • Wire rope clips, including Crosby Red-U-Bolt forged clips and Fist Grip clips, stainless steel clips, malleable clips and CM PiggyBack wedge socket clips
  • Wedge sockets (including Crosby's Terminator) and open and closed swage sockets, installed and proof loaded
  • Snatch blocks, crane blocks and wire rope sheaves from Miller Products and The Crosby Group
  • Overhaul balls
  • Complete line of towing products, from weld-on hooks to J-hooks, custom lifting hooks and hoist rings (up to 24,000 lbs.)
  • Klein Tool "pork chop" pulling grips for steel erectors
  • Harrington Hoist manual lever hoists and hand chain falls, from 1/4 to 9 tons
  • Lincoln Hoist - The original cable hoist, web strap hoist.

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    Cable Assemblies and Lifting Slings
  • Wire rope lifting slings and cable assemblies from 1/16" to 3" dia.
  • Boom pendants fabricated with open and closed swage sockets, proof tested to 2 times safe working load
  • Flemish eye or mechanical splice sling; hand-spliced slings also available
  • Fabricated to ASME B30.9 specification; all slings are tagged with capacity
  • Optional serial number and lifting capacity engraving on sleeves or metal tags
  • Cable assemblies fabricated using threaded studs, ball shanks, sockets, turnbuckles and customer's own hardware for any lifting/pulling/hoisting application
  • Chain slings are proof loaded to 2 times safe working load
  • Grade 100 alloy chain slings from 1/4" to 5/8"
  • Grade 80 alloy chain slings from 5/8" to 1-1/4"
  • All of the latest fittings, including Crosby's Eliminator and Quic-Check® chain fittings, as well as RFID tags
  • Wire mesh slings from 2" to 6", including Cambridge Gripper® slings, for extremely sharp applications where normal slings can be damaged
  • All cables and slings available with Crosby Quic-Check® RFID tags, engraved with length, size, capacity, date and more details for quick and accurate identification using a handheld reader

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    Synthetic Lifting Slings
  • Nylon and polyester heavy-duty lifting slings offer state-of-the-art strength and safety - from 1" to 12" wide
  • Polyester endless round slings are strong, lightweight and flexible - from 2,600 to 90,000 lb. capacity
  • Color-coded for easy capacity identification

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    Fall restraints and harnesses
  • Ultra-Safe fall restraint gear, including body harnesses, tower harnesses and steel erector harnesses
  • Pillow-Flex and Ultra Pillow-Flex harnesses offer padding and stretch with the user for comfortable all-day comfort
  • We offer a full selection of hardware, including: lanyards (nylon rope, cable, nylon web and shock-absorbing in several styles); hooks, snaps and carabiners; rappelling hardware; rope grabs; anchors; and much more
  • Retractables and descent units, confined entry lines, tripods and lifelines
  • Roofer anchor brackets

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    Truck Tie-Downs
  • Synthetic truck tie-downs from 1" to 4", complete with truck-mounted winches or ratchet systems built into the straps
  • PVC-impregnated WearGard winch and ratchet straps with flat hook end, triangle end, chain and grab hook end or triangle and grab hook end fittings
  • Full selection of internal load control hardware, including E-track and F-track assemblies, winch bars, sliding winches, cable winches, weld-on winches and bolt-on winches
  • Cableworks can fabricate transport grade (Grade 70) tie-down chain assemblies and (Grade 80 and 100) overhead lifting chain assemblies. We stock chain ratchet binders from 1/4" to 5/8" and load-rated lever-type binders from 5/16" to 5/8" (both U.S.-made Crosby and imported binders are available)

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Wire Rope

Bridon American Corporation - Tiger Blue®, Constructex®, Dyform® 6, Dyform® 18, Dyform® 34.
Wireco Worldgroup - Union Wire Rope, Broderick & Bascom Wire Rope-Yellow Strand & MacWhyte Wire Rope-PFV 7-Flex®, Powerswage®, Powerflex®.
Loos & Co. Inc. - Military Specification stainless steel and galvanized aircraft cable, nylon and PVC jacketed cable in many colors.
Wirerope Works Inc. - Bethlehem Wire Rope.
Weisner Steel Products - Tan Strand bright carbon steel, galvanized and stainless steel wire rope.
Cable tool drilling lines are in stock. Reel lengths, cut coils and special fabrications available (1/16" thru 2" in stock)

Rigging Products

The Crosby Group - Wire Rope Clips, Hooks, Shackles, Swivels, Chain Fittings, Blocks, Sheaves, Turnbuckles, Links, Terminator® Wedge Sockets, Wirelock.
Ropeblock BV - Crane blocks, tilt up blocks, snatch blocks, GN Shackles, Sea-Link wood shelled blocks.
Miller Products - ISO Link, sheaves, blocks.
Gunnebo-Johnson - Blocks sheaves, wedge sockets, J-latches, snatch blocks.
Suncor Stainless - Steel fittings, blocks, chain, turnbuckles.
ESCO Corporation - Bardon® Hooks, forest rigging hardware, roll-off hooks, stainless steel sockets and sleeves.
ESMET, Inc. - Electroline® mechanical fittings, bright, galvanized and stainless steel, cordage fittings

Synthetic Lifting Slings

Liftex Corporation - Polyester and Nylon Pro-Edge® specialty flat web slings, Roundup® Round Slings, tie downs, boat slings, drum lifters, barrel slings.
Spanset Inc. - Polyester Twintex® Roundslings, Secutex® protective sleeves, PowerPlus® and PowerLift® web slings

Chains and Fittings

Peerless Chain Company - Grade 100 & grade 80 alloy chain to 1-1/4" diameter, grade 70 transport chain to 5/8" diameter, grade 40 high test chain, grade 30 proof coil chain-available in carbon steel, galvanized and stainless steel.
Laclede Chain Mfg. Co. - Grade 100 & grade 80 alloy chain, grade 70 transport chain, traction chains-trucks, off-road vehicles & cars
The Crosby Group - Shur-loc hooks, Eliminator fittings, Spectrum 10 alloy chain, LOK-A-Loy grade 10 connecting links, grade 100 hooks and fittings

Cargo Control

Spanset Inc. - Weargard® PVC impregnated winch straps, tie downs, winches, load bars.
Kinedyne - Winch strap systems, cargo control bars, winches.
Ancra-military straps, winch straps, cargo control systems

Overhead Hoists

Harrington Crane and Hoists - 1/2 ton to 100 tons CB and CF manual chain falls, LB lever hoist, electric hoists, air hoist winches, crane components.
Lincoln Hoist - The original cable hoist, web strap hoist.
Columbus McKinnon - Lift-Tech, Chester Hoist, Yale, CM, Budgit hoist both manual and electric units, MIL-H-904 chain hoists

Architectural Lifeline

Johnson Architectural - Complete systems, turnbuckles stainless 1 x 19 type 316 wire and fittings.
Hayn Industries - Stainless steel fittings

Radio Frequency Identification Systems (RFID)

InfoChip - Web based system offering tags, scanners and chips, Quic-Check Pro®.
Crosby Quic-Check® - Inspection and identification systems can be installed on all lifting products

Fall Restraint

Ultra-Safe - Fall Protection Systems - Harnesses, Pillow-Flex, Ultra Pillow Flex, lanyards, cable grips-rope grips, retractable & descent units, horizontal lifeline systems, ropes & anchorage, rescue systems, rebar assemblies, roof brackets, confined space entry systems.
Gemtor, Inc. - Harnesses and lanyards, winches, tri-pods, confined space systems, hooks and beam anchors, ladder systems


High performance braided rope, arbor ropes, rescue ropes, manila-polyesters-nylon ropes from 1/8" thru 4" diameter, splicing services and fabrications

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