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What Sets Cableworks Apart from the Competition:

  • Cableworks was founded to provide high-quality products and unparalleled service.
  • We offer same-day delivery on most products.
  • Lifting, rigging and securement are our only business.
  • We are an active member of Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF), the leading association serving the lifting, rigging and load securement industry.

Swaging wire rope at CableworksCustomization is one of our specialties. We stand ready to fabricate, assemble and deliver one-of-a-kind orders using our entire inventory. Please contact us to discuss your particular need.

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Upgrades & Repair

Splicing wire rope at CableworksCustomers occasionally find the need for upgrades or repairs on their existing equipment. We have the latest equipment and the expertise to meet these needs. Contact Cableworks to help you improve your capabilities.

Proof Testing

Cableworks proof testing procedures ensure that all wire rope fittings used for overhead lifting meet ASME B 30.9. Our machines test fittings for loads up to 225,000 lbs. and are annualy recertified to ASME E4.

Proof TestingProof Testing